Our company was founded in September 1997, aiming mainly at the export activity in the citrus fruits and vegetables.

The members are: Mr Papadimas Dimitrios and Revas Vasilios. The experience of members in the concrete space where they are activated and their professional consequence they contributed in the swift increase of sizes of company and her establishment in the domestic and international market as one from the most reliable and serious enterprises of distribution of rural products.

The new ultramodern facilities and the cooling booths of our company  are found in privately-owned area  in  Gavria, perfecture of Arta.

The continuing increases of sales, as well as the continuing improvements in the offered products and in the benefit of services, work out a auspicious future and the establishment in the purchase of name that, will be characterized by the consequence and constant effort of improvement of products and provided services.

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The products of our enterprise are distinguished for their most excellent quality and their exceptional flavour.

The choice of all products that we traffic in becomes with strict criteria from specialised agronomists with experience in the space of rural production. The screening and the standardisation become from modern lines of screening and from specialised workers. In this way we ensure all the cells that are required in the modern market of rural products.